Happy Halloween!

We enjoyed a crisp and cold Halloween this year in our new neighborhood. We live right around the corner now from a good friend of mine so we got to go trick or treating with her and her family.
It was so much fun!

Evan was a firefighter and Logan was a pumpkin.

Mommy and her misters.

Daddy and his misters.


Our little firefighter!

Our little pumpkin!

All bundled up! It was a cold night!

Pumpkin Carving

One of the very first memories we made in our new home was carving our pumpkin for Halloween! It was a fun night, Evan was curious but cautious about it. He enjoyed watching Daddy carve the pumpkin, but didn't enjoy the inside/pulp of the pumpkin. Taking his picture these days is a challenge. He'll often say "no picture mommy!" but I've had to get creative to get him to cooperate. Being two is so much fun!

Telling daddy what kind of face he wanted on the pumpkin. DSC_0393
Helping daddy carve the pumpkin
As Mark pulled out the inside of the pumpkin, Evan was curious but cautious.
"I no like it" DSC_0402
Mommy and Evan. I pulled out the pulp and was hoping for a lot of seeds so I could roast them! This is the point where Evan didn't want to smile for the camera anymore.DSC_0403
"No more pictures mommy!"
Logan was happy just hanging out in his highchair watching all the commotion going on. He loves to watch what we do, he's very observant. DSC_0390

Moving Day!

We finally sold our house after seven months on the market! The timing of us finding our new home and closing on our old home worked out perfectly! We had a very quick three week close, but managed to make it work. We couldn't be happier in our new home, but I must admit I was a little sad on moving day. We brought both our misters home from the hospital in our first home. I'm looking forward to making new memories in our new home and one day completing our family here as we look to the future.
One last picture on our front porch!

Standing in front of our for sale sign.
It was a long time coming, but it felt great to finally say it was SOLD!
One of the first memories I will forever cherish in our new home.
Daddy and Evan on the swing set! DSC_0367

Logan: 8 months

Logan is 8 months old!


Your eighth month was a huge milestone month for you! You began pulling yourself up to a standing position and would actually walk along the edge of Miss Kristie's couch at daycare! Once you discovered you could stand, there was no stopping you. You continue to eat a lot of cereal and pureed baby food and love every bit of it! You put everything in your mouth--teething is a tough job. We're hoping your first tooth will break through very soon! You make little grunting sounds to communicate which I think is adorable. I often call you my gremlin baby because of the sounds you make. You will turn take with me while grunting in order to have a "conversation". It's so sweet! Your always happy--smiling and laughing most of the time. You enjoy cuddles and playing with toys. You love to get into your big brother's things which has caused a bit of controversy in the house, but everyone is learning to share. You love being read to and enjoy watching the lights/colors/sounds of the television.

We love you so much Logan Avery!




The Color Run!

Today in The Little Apple a BIG race was held...The Color Run! I participated with a group from work and we rocked it! It was such a FUN race! DSC_0227
My misters came out to support me. It was a very cold morning so they were bundled up with jackets and blankets, but they were excited to be at the race!

This is me after the race. I got covered with a ton of pink and purple.
It was so fun!DSC_0237
Team Panda Pride!
A group of us from work walked together, it was fun completing the race with my great co-workers! DSC_0241
Mister #1 was so proud of his mommy! I love my supportive family! DSC_0246

Logan: 7 months

Logan is 7 months old!

This was a big month for you!
You are sitting up and army crawling! You move all around the room now, I can put you down in one spot and when I come back--your across the living room. I have to watch you closely as you are very curious and want to explore all the new things around you. Everything goes in your mouth. You love to stand on your legs with us holding you--your strength amazes us! You are eating cereal and baby food like a champ. You are drinking water from a sippy cup. You love it when I read books to you. You like to grunt and squeal when your happy. You love snuggles, especially when your tired.
 Your growing so fast and learning things so quickly that sometimes it's hard to keep up!
My sweet misters together. It's so fun watching you both interacting with each other. Evan just loves you so much and wants to help me with you all the time. He is learning to share, but sometimes still wants all the toys for himself. You are so in love with him, you watch him play and laugh with him when he's being silly. It's a joy to have you both as my sons.


Logan: 6 months

Logan is 6 months old!


My sweet, smiley Logan.

You are sitting up with a little support. You're so close to doing it on your own!
We started rice cereal with you this month. You make the funniest faces when I give it to you! We've also tried some sweet potatoes, peas, and apples. You actually gagged when I gave you the apples which I thought was funny. I thought the apples would be your favorite, but you seem to like the veggies right now instead.

Logan's stat's from the doctor:
Height: 27 inches; 70th %tile
Weight: 16 pounds, 14 ounces; 38th %tile
Head Circumference: 44 cm; 55th %tile


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