Pumpkin Carving

One of the very first memories we made in our new home was carving our pumpkin for Halloween! It was a fun night, Evan was curious but cautious about it. He enjoyed watching Daddy carve the pumpkin, but didn't enjoy the inside/pulp of the pumpkin. Taking his picture these days is a challenge. He'll often say "no picture mommy!" but I've had to get creative to get him to cooperate. Being two is so much fun!

Telling daddy what kind of face he wanted on the pumpkin. DSC_0393
Helping daddy carve the pumpkin
As Mark pulled out the inside of the pumpkin, Evan was curious but cautious.
"I no like it" DSC_0402
Mommy and Evan. I pulled out the pulp and was hoping for a lot of seeds so I could roast them! This is the point where Evan didn't want to smile for the camera anymore.DSC_0403
"No more pictures mommy!"
Logan was happy just hanging out in his highchair watching all the commotion going on. He loves to watch what we do, he's very observant. DSC_0390

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