Logan: 7 months

Logan is 7 months old!

This was a big month for you!
You are sitting up and army crawling! You move all around the room now, I can put you down in one spot and when I come back--your across the living room. I have to watch you closely as you are very curious and want to explore all the new things around you. Everything goes in your mouth. You love to stand on your legs with us holding you--your strength amazes us! You are eating cereal and baby food like a champ. You are drinking water from a sippy cup. You love it when I read books to you. You like to grunt and squeal when your happy. You love snuggles, especially when your tired.
 Your growing so fast and learning things so quickly that sometimes it's hard to keep up!
My sweet misters together. It's so fun watching you both interacting with each other. Evan just loves you so much and wants to help me with you all the time. He is learning to share, but sometimes still wants all the toys for himself. You are so in love with him, you watch him play and laugh with him when he's being silly. It's a joy to have you both as my sons.

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