Logan: 8 months

Logan is 8 months old!


Your eighth month was a huge milestone month for you! You began pulling yourself up to a standing position and would actually walk along the edge of Miss Kristie's couch at daycare! Once you discovered you could stand, there was no stopping you. You continue to eat a lot of cereal and pureed baby food and love every bit of it! You put everything in your mouth--teething is a tough job. We're hoping your first tooth will break through very soon! You make little grunting sounds to communicate which I think is adorable. I often call you my gremlin baby because of the sounds you make. You will turn take with me while grunting in order to have a "conversation". It's so sweet! Your always happy--smiling and laughing most of the time. You enjoy cuddles and playing with toys. You love to get into your big brother's things which has caused a bit of controversy in the house, but everyone is learning to share. You love being read to and enjoy watching the lights/colors/sounds of the television.

We love you so much Logan Avery!



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